Command-line programs of Gpivtools

  • gpiv_aint
    Calculates mean image intensity at each interrogation area..
  • gpiv_combing
    Combines two images into one image file for cross-correlation.
  • gpiv_errvec
    Searches erroneous vectors in a PIV data file and substitutes them with new values.
  • gpiv_fi-keyline
    Filters each line that starts with a keyword.
  • gpiv_hdf2piv
    Converts hdf5 PIV-data (extension .gpi) to ASCII data.
  • gpiv_imgproc, gpiv_mktestimg, gpiv_smooth, gpiv_hilo, gpiv_clip, gpiv_fft, gpiv_invfft, gpiv_lowpass, gpiv_highpass, gpiv_getbit, gpiv_mktestimg
    Image processing program.
  • gpiv_img2gpiv
    Converts images into raw data (extension .r) format with belonging ASCII header or into hdf format (extension .gpi).
  • gpiv_manipiv, gpiv_fasty, gpiv_flipx, gpiv_flipy, gpiv_revert, gpiv_rot90, gpiv_rot180
    Simple data manipulation tool for PIV data.
  • gpiv_peaklck
    Tests PIV data on the so-called peak-locking effect.
  • gpiv_piv2gnuplt
    Converts PIV data to gnuplot data for generating vector plots.
  • gpiv_piv2grid
    Converts PIV-derived scalar data to grid data for generating contour plots.
  • gpiv_piv2hdf
    Converts ASCII PIV-data to hdf5 formatted data (extension .gpi).
  • gpiv_piv2vec
    Adds header to PIV data for a vector plot with Plotmtv.
  • gpiv_process-chain
    Processes a pipe of Gpivtool command's.
  • gpiv_recimg
    captures images from a IIDC-compliant CCD camera with IEE1394 connection.
  • gpiv_rr
    Correlates image pairs in order to obtain particle displacements for Digital Particle Image Velocimetry.
  • gpiv_sca2gri
    Converts scalar data from gpiv to grid data for contour plotting with plotmtv
  • gpiv_scale
    Time and spatial scaling of PIV data: converts the particle image displacements into velocities.
  • gpiv_series
    Script to process a series of numbered files, eventually resi- dent in numbered directories, in an identical way. This program does not use the parameter resources as explained above.
  • gpiv_suta
    Subtracts time-avaraged velocities (local mean) from the PIV estimators.
  • gpiv_s-avg
    Calculates spatial mean and variances of PIV data.
  • gpiv_t-avg
    Calculates time-avaraged mean and rms from a series of piv data.
  • gpiv_t-avg-img
    Calculates time-averaged values from a series of images for each pixel.
  • gpiv_t-corr
    Calculates the velocity correlation as function of time (Eulerian correlation) from a series PIV data sets
  • gpiv_trig
    Triggers a (double Nd_YAGG) laser on a CCD camera.
  • gpiv_uhisto
    Tests PIV data by printing/displaying an histogram of the horizontal particle displacements.
  • gpiv_vhisto
    Tests PIV data by printing/displaying an histogram of the vertical particle displacements.
  • gpiv_vorstra, gpiv_vorty, gpiv_nstrain, gpiv_sstrain
    Calculates the differential quantities vorticity, shear strain and normal strain from PIV data.

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